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inetfilm  ~  films  ~  comedy  ~ Five Minutes
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film length: 11.01
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Sometimes, Five Minutes makes all the difference in the world.

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Cast and Crew    

A Film by Ryan Landels

Ryan Landels
Christine Lawton

Music by Rafael La Rosa

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Film editor   Review This Film

A comedic genius is at work here. Five Minutes is an extremely well put together film that combines hilarious comedy with a great soundtrack.
Chris McLean -- California

This was well done. As far as style goes I would edit the daylights out of it and get feedback. If you chopped 4 minutes I think you would retain the fantastic comic points you made. And drive the pacing you need in broad comedy. Keep up the great work, you guys are good!
Tom Storey -- Rhode Island

Sometimes 5 minutes is 11 minutes and 1 second... Or as this film proves, sometimes 5 minutes is too long. The ending was funny, it's just too bad you have to watch the film to get there.
Jay Phule

I have to say, this is actually extremely funny. The director and dp certainly have talent, as well as the script writer. I just love the ironic ending.
demon -- WI

Simple short story, well executed. A great 'homage' to warner brothres cartoons
tom --Anchroage, Alaska

Very funny. Very cool. The camera work was done very nicely.
Jake --RI

a really cool movie. ryan's use of cinematic techniques is amazing. the score was wonderful as well.
lara -- vancouver

Slick and hilarious slapstick. Nice work Chief!!!!
Rob Carruthers

This film was so funny. Can't believe how much disaster can happen in only five minutes.
Louise Chen -- Vancouver


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