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film length: 5.48
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Black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love, it's Java Noir...

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Cast and Crew    
Creators: Raf & Steve Anzovin

An Anzovin Studio Production

Film editor   Review This Film

Great animation with a nice touch of humour that any coffee addict will understand. It's a dog's life afterall.
Richard McIlveen -- Toronto

very nice package! well presented visuals (though some hard to see in this format). so good, i could think about levels i never get to on other ifilms. i doubt this came from a basement.
psandiford -- spokane, wa. usa

Actually, it did come from a basement--I guarantee it.
Steve Anzovin -- Massachusetts

Very professionally done. Good music, coordinated > to the action, too.
DaveC -- Menlo Park, CA


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